About Us

Welcome to The World of Marvel Electronics

Contract Sourcing, Import, Warehousing and Distribution Services

Why choose us?

A group of small yet dedicated team of Engineers with well established global network for procurement of Electronic goods, catering to all sectors of manufacturing industries.

We aim at providing contractual handholding for standard, specific and continued component support only.

Our list of clientele amassed over the last three years since inception in 2018 is ever growing in size and trust, even as we read this article.

We strongly believe in the following; 

  • “What I need” and “What I am given” should be the same

  • “What I pay for” and “What I get” should match proportionately

We are into supply of all electronic components, speakers, motors, production line equipment and custom test benches for QC.

Our sourcing and supply strengths are already known to over 86 industrial partners across the Country.

Our inventory comes from reputed manufacturers only, who back us up with both Quality and Guarantees, making our customers who buy from us, happy and satisfied.